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Welcome to

Heavens Nest
Learning Center

Schoolhouse for God's Little Angels

Offering Year-Round Enrollment For:






Our Approach

HNLC is dedicated to preparing children academically, socially, and physically, for excellence in every area of life and society by laying a solid foundation. Our program offers learning with innovative and creative instruction.


HNLC is designed to nurture and educate the child as a whole, by implementing moral character traits.  We believe that instilling good morals and values at this young age is an important piece of that solid foundation that we are building.

Heaven’s Nest:

- State-Licensed

- State-Registered Facility


What Parents Think

Heaven's Nest Learning Center has been a blessing to two generations of children in our family at all three of their locations.  Sharon Gordon cared for two of my children at her first location in Willingboro.  As the center grew, so did our family.  Several of our grandchildren received HNLC's excellent care at the Sunset location.  And when HNLC moved to its final home on Salem Road, our family didn't hesitate to move along with them.   The Learning Center and the Summer Adventure Camp continue to provide a safe haven for families, as well as quality, affordable, academically stimulating, and culturally enriching programs for our youth.

Andrea R.

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