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All about Heavens Nest

HNLC started as a Registered Family Daycare Provider in 1999.

The founder, Sharon Gordon, was compelled to stand up against the acts of violence within schools. Her burden for children’s safety, as well as their education, was the driving force behind the determination to make a difference, reaching one child at a time. Motivated by this passion, this schoolhouse came into existence.. 

Within 9 years, HNLC extended its loving arms throughout the community.  Our loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere followed us to our bigger and better home (our current facilities) in the fall of 2008.


HNLC continues to provide its precious little ones with an environment that is stress-free.  We have created a place where children feel safe to explore the world around them and to practice self-expression.

Many children and families have come through the revolving doors and expressed their Heaven’s Nest experience as,

“The best school in the world!”

HNLC From the Start

Our Teachers

HNLC administrative staff is confident knowing the purpose and direction in which they are headed. Our belief system is based on implementing moral character by investing time, energy and love. These are the principles at the core of our program that are assisting with establishing a firm foundation where children can grow.

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