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Diverse Learning Environments

 Our program provides a solid foundation of learning with innovative, creative instructions that adhere to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC is known for its highest standards in the nation for early childhood programs. With loving, caring, highly qualified staff, we're dedicated to providing an enriched program that gives children the academic and social foundation they need to reach their highest potential. Children are encouraged to explore, to ask questions, and to learn-within a fun, safe and supportive environment.


Infants (6wks-1 yr)

  • Organized according to their age and stage of learning and development. 

  • A No Shoe Zone environment to assure a safe environment free from germs and dirt.

  • We provide cribs that are personalized for each child with their names and picture.

  • We offer a flexible feeding schedule.

  • Our policy in place pertaining to formula and breast milk states that all milk must be labeled and properly separated and refrigerated.

  • Curriculum based on infants’ brain development which is prime time in the aspect of making connections with people and the world around them.


Toddlers (1yr-2.5 yrs)

  • A stimulating environment that caters to their exploring and satisfies their curiosity.

  • Classrooms with safety measures in place to assure safety first for our students.

  • Child-size furniture, books and toys within easy reach. Family pictures and their artwork at eye level.

  • Programs geared around eye and hand coordination and motor skills while also having fun.

  • Warm, welcoming, and supportive environment for children of all abilities, backgrounds and experiences.

  • Curriculums that focus on social, emotional, cognitive, language skills and mathematics.

  • Highly qualified teachers set the pace by way of daily routines for our toddlers that include group time, story time, outdoor play, meals and snacks, naps, and most importantly playtime. 


Take a look inside of a Preschooler day

Our caring, nurturing and knowledgeable teachers set a daily vibe for preschoolers that consist of morning meeting, story theater, outdoor play, snack-time, meals, quite-time, and lots of unstructured play. This classroom is where all the fun of Exploring begins. Our classroom objectives for development and learning are

  • Social-Emotional

  • Focus on Building brain power&StrongBodies

  • Learn how to Share & Make Friends

  • Practice & Learn Writing

  • Master Fine Motor Skills

  • Learn to Understand Stories

  • Learn to Express & Embrace True Self

  • Encouraged to explore the arts, dramatic play


Our preschooler classrooms are sure to prepare and get your child ready for the big school. HNLC qualified staff will implement the essential objectives needed for your child to have a firm foundation

Our classrooms are set up to meet the immediate need of each individual child. Our research based curriculum teaching strategies focus on the objectives of early childhood. As our children Explore, Learn and Grow within these classroom walls the Sky Is the Limit. 


Our classroom focus are the following areas;

  • Social-Emotional

  • Physical

  • Language

  • Cognitive

  • Mathematics

  • Science-Technology

  • Social Studies

  • The Arts

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